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The purpose of study leave is to allow trainees to undertake educational activity which contributes to their professional development and is not usually available in the workplace or on the school teaching programme. Detailed 'Guidelines for Study Leave' can be found on the North Western Postgraduate Deanery website. These should be regarded as the principles/rules which govern the conduct of study leave. The Deanery guidelines are drafted to cover all grades of trainee and all specialties. The information and guidance below is to help you understand the rationale and approach in applying the guidelines for study leave to deliver the specific Radiology curriculum for the School of Radiology.


For trainees who progress satisfactorily, the first three years training in Radiology is directed towards the attainment of core knowledge and competencies. These are assessed in workplace based assessments and the FRCR exam. A comprehensive teaching course is provided directed at achieving these aims. Consequently, study leave during the first three years of training should only be taken in unusual circumstances. The subsequent two or three years of training are directed towards attaining level 1 and 2 competencies and attaining the other knowledge and skills required for practice as a consultant radiologist. Therefore, the need for study leave to attend courses, present work at meetings, do supplementary training etc. is anticipated to be much greater than in the first three years of training.


Study Leave Duration

Full time trainees are permitted up to 30 days study leave per year. Less than full time trainees’ study leave time is calculated pro rata. You will see from the figures below that the School of Radiology Teaching Programme accounts for all of the allowed study leave time in year 1 and 50% of it in years 2 and 3.


Year 1 - 35 days

Year 2 - 15 days

Year 3 - 15 days

Year 4 - 3 days

Year 5 - 3 days


It has been customary in many training departments for years four, five and six trainees to be allowed a half day a week away from clinical duties to undertake educational activities contributing to professional development. It should be appreciated that any such time should be deducted from the annual study leave allowance and once the limit is exceeded any further study leave is granted at the discretion of the departmental specialty tutor.

The Deanery study leave year is 1st October to 30th September. However, to avoid the confusion of having ‘multiple’ starts to a year the School study leave year will run from the month the new (ST1) trainees start. This is currently 1st August to 31st July. It is not permitted to carry forward any unused study leave time to the following leave year.


Additional information


A comprehensive guide is now contained in the link below








The Deanery and School Study Leave Administrator for the Training Programme Director is Marion Philbin Tel: 0161 446 8556


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