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About the North West Training Programme


Comprehensive training in Clinical Radiology leading to a CCT is governed by latest Royal College of Radiologists curriculum. It usually takes five years to complete with a sixth year of training available for specific sub-specialties. Core training takes place in the first three years and subspecialty training in the subsequent two to three years. There is a rigorous series of examinations leading to Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists, which is usually achieved at the beginning of the fourth year of training.


The training programme is spread across a large area from Macclesfield in the south to Lancaster in the north. Please see the placements page for details on how the training is structured.



Welcome to the North West Radiology Training Programme website.  The North West programme is distributed across a large geographical area providing exposure to a wide range of pathology. The broad clinical experience and well-structured trainee led teaching programme within the core years provides an excellent foundation in radiology. There is access to training within all major radiological subspecialties delivered under the supervision of highly experienced Consultant Radiologists who are dedicated towards training the next generation of clinical radiologists.


As senior trainee representative I am responsible for gathering and representing the views of ST4-6 trainees at the School Board, Speciality Training Committee Meetings and Placement Committee Meetings. If you have any concerns or questions with regards to your training or require any advice then please do not hesitate to contact me at naqvi.jawad@gmail.com.


Mohammad Jawad Naqvi

ST4 Radiology

Senior Trainee Representative