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Study leave policy

Study Leave


This needs to be completed by all trainees no matter which trust you are working at.


Steps for the relevant Consultants to fill out:


1.The Educational Supervisor i.e. is the TSTL at your base hospital where you are posted at the time of study leave.


2.Rota Manager is Dr Furhan Razzaq except for ST1s, IR ST6, Sub-speciality Paeds/Neuro fellow STs and Core STs posted at Alder Hey who are NOT on the collaborative on-call rota.   For those STs, your departmental rota manager can complete.


3.Training Programme Director will complete Section E and provide electronic signature.


4. Please see Joint School study leave document.


The email address to where the form needs to come after steps 1 and 2 is: study.leave@aintee.nhs.uk