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The School of Radiology is a specialty school within Health Education North West, divided into two separate training programmes - one based in Liverpool (Mersey), one based in Manchester, East Cheshire and Lancashire (North West).


The Mersey radiology training programme was founded in September 2002 as a joint initiative between the Mersey Deanery (now known as Health Education North West (HENW) - Mersey) and the University of Liverpool. It was one of the first, if not the first, deanery schools of Radiology in the country. Trainees can rotate through 11 hospitals on the HENW Mersey Radiology Training Programme.


The North West programme is based in Manchester and has fourteen participating NHS hospital trusts with seventeen training departments located across a large area from Macclesfield to Lancaster. There are three geographical sectors, each with a cluster of four hospitals. This training programme superceded the Manchester Radiology Training Scheme which had been successfully training Clinical Radiologists since 1975.


If you are interested in training in Clinical Radiology in the North West of England, please have a look around our site, particularly the About and Recruitment pages.


Dr Alistair Craig

Head of School



School Organisation


The School Board is composed of the Head and Associate Heads of School, who are responsible for overall leadership and the quality management of training; the Training Programme Directors (who are responsible for liaison with training departments and trainees annual reviews, the teaching programme, leadership of educational supervisors and hospital placements); a Less Than Full Time Training Advisor, the Royal College of Radiologists Regional Specialty Advisor who is responsible for liaison with the RCR and existing consultant radiologists in the region; Trainee Representatives, the School Administrators and the HEENW Speciality School Manager.


Within training departments, trainees’ day to day work is supervised by trainers. Departmental training is led and co-ordinated by the Trust Specialty Training Lead (TSTL), formerly known as the Specialty Tutor RCR tutor. The TSTL is responsible to the Director of Medical Education in the Hospital Trust and to the Head of School of Radiology. One or more Clinical Supervisors work in each Department and are responsible for setting and reviewing educational objectives and performing induction, mid-post and end of post appraisals. In smaller departments the  TSTL and Clinical Supervisor will usually be the same person.


Each trainee also has an Educational Supervisor who is responsible for their continued supervision as they move from department to department during their training.


The Specialty Training Commitee is composed of members of the School Executive, the TSTLs, other designated officers with specific responsibilities and representatives from the deanery such as the Specialty School Manager and the Associate Postgraduate Dean.