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Welcome to North Western Deanery School of Radiology


The School of Radiology is a specialty school in England’s NHS North Western Deanery and was inaugurated in April 2011. It has superseded the Manchester Radiology Training Scheme which had been successfully training Clinical Radiologists since 1975.


The school is based in Manchester and has fourteen participating NHS hospital trusts with seventeen training departments located across a large area from Macclesfield to Lancaster. There are three geographical sectors, each with a cluster of four hospitals.


If you are interested in training in Clinical Radiology in the North West of England, please have a look around our site, particularly the About and Recruitment pages.


Dr Paul Hulse

Head of School



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Trainee Greeting


I feel very privileged to be training in the North Western Deanery School of Radiology. Our school has a large trainee number with excellent specialist centers and a very comprehensive teaching programme taught by highly experienced radiologists.


As the Senior Trainee Representative for the School, I work closely with the members of the School Board and all our trainees to help improve training and maintain a close network. Manchester is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the UK with a great social scene and opportunities for all hobbies.


Currently an ST4, I am completing my subspecialty training in Interventional Radiology; one of the well established subspecialties in our School. There are a number of departments, which offer training opportunities in both vascular and non-vascular intervention, and our training scheme is one of the few with funding for an ST6 year in IR.

Interventional and Diagnostic Neuroradiology, Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary, Chest/Cardiac Radiology as well as Oncology are amongst the reputable subspecialties in our Deanery with ample opportunities for research and development.


Dr Fatemeh Sakhinia

Senior Trainee Representative

Fatemeh PAH at Desk